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​​​​​​European Bred Blue Great Danes

PUPPIES: Taking Applications!

We Have Puppies Available NOW!!!!

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Wild About Blue

​​​Wild Blue Great Danes Strives For Excellence In Conformation, Temperment, Balance, Quality, Structure, and Health.  All While Keeping With The Foundation Of The European Bred Great Dane Bloodlines.  Above All Our Danes Are Family, Raised With Us, As Family Members.  We Love Our Danes, And We Hope You Will Too.   ~Tai

Our Euro Danes

We work with multiple kennels in Europe, including Hungary, France, Italy, and various other areas in Europe and around the world, to bring in the finest Euro type danes possible.  These dogs have been bred to breed specific design and traits offered by the European lines that have been bred out of some of the American lines.  The style of the Euro dane is much preferred, big blocky head, large wide chest, extra jowl, and sturdy structure.


We are not a large volume breeder, or a mass producing kennel.  We are very conservative on the litters that we produce, and we carefully choose where are danes are coming from, who we are breeding, and why we are breeding those individuals, with the goal to produce a better, stronger, compliment in the offspring.  Our clients wait weeks, months, sometimes over a year, to receive the dane pup they are expecting, and they feel its worth the wait.  We have great references of past families who received Wild Blue Dane Pups, and are more then willing to discuss their experiences with you.

We Love Our Danes and We Hope You Will Too!

“Tai's Danes are beautiful, solid, and well bred with wonderful temperament.  As for Tai, she was very knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive, even still today she is available for advice.”

Shannon Antinucci Cox

Lynchburg, Virginia






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