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Wild Blue Danes is a small breeding operation located in Northern Illinois, a little bit more then an hour outside of the City of Chicago, in a small farming community South West of the city.  We are currently located on 5 acres, and my danes are bred, whelped, and raised in my home.  We have done some showing, but primarily our danes are pets, and we import for the love of the european style, which is only recently more accepted in the american show ring.  We are also fortunate to have several wonderful veterinarians locally, as well as some of the most experienced Great Dane vets here in Illinois, just a little farther North of us.  Our primary dog trainer, and boarding facility is only about 4 miles away, which is very convenient for us.

Tai Sheehan


After graduating from Black Hawk College East in Kewanee, Illinois, I double majored with an Associates in Applied Science, Equestrian Science, and an Associates in Applied Science, Horse Science Technology, while competing on an intercollegiate horse judging team, and competitive equestrian horse show team.  I went on to complete my Bachelors of Science in Animal Science, Equine Science, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, with a special interest in Reproductive Sciences.  I spent the first three years after graduation, working with an Equine (Horse) Veterinary Emergency Ambulatory Field Practice, including over the phone triage with clients in emergency situations, and working in their small lab, as well as handling day to day tasks in the office.  As an independent horse trainer, I started and trained two year old and three year old colts in my spare time, and judged horse shows statewide.  Following my position with the veterinary practice,  I was able to use my experience in the veterinary industry,  and worked as a territory manager for one of the largest veterinary pharmaceutical and medical supply distributors in the country, as a small animal pharmaceutical sales representative.  I was trained by multiple national and worldwide veterinary medical companies on products, procedures, canine and feline dental care, and made great long term personal and professional relationships with some of the most talented veterinarians (and their staff) in the country.  I'm passionate about dogs, and other animals as well, and even as a child, raised rabbits for 4-H, had Hamsters, Cats, and Various other pets.  I truly love my dogs, all so individual in their personalities and character.  All Loyal and Loving in their Own Way!  


Meet "Joey" My mismarked companion and love.
She was my first Great Dane.

This beautiful girl is a Fawn Mantle, whom I rescued from Omaha, NE in 2005.  She was purchased from a breeder, and then given up free to a good home.  She was underweight and in overall poor health.  After months of adjusting food, lots of excercise, a first and only heat cycle, and lots of love and attention, she is one of those "best dogs ever!"  Her other nicknames include "Josephine!" "Joe" "Momma" "Momma Dog" and "Gizelle"  She is my alpha female and is extremely athletic, by far the most athletic of my danes as she runs like a deer.  She is truly a human trapped in a dog's body and one of the greatest friends I'll ever know.

Vantage Von Gigantic Blau         

"Jake"  Whelped June 24th 2008
Imported From Budapest, Hungary
Thank You To Reka Fulop @ Gigantic Blau Kennel
For This Wonderful Boy...         RIP "Jake"    6/24/2008-10/24/2011

You Will Forever Be Remembered And Live On Through Your Beautiful Sons and Daughters, Loved By All, You Were A Big Baby...  Miss You Lots...

In my limited, left over, spare time... I enjoy doing photography.  I don't have a studio as of yet, so I do a lot of portrait sessions on location. 


“We're a small and growing kennel. We look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you find your Great Dane  - and we are sure you will love them! So what are you waiting for, Contact US" 

Tai Sheehan

Wild Blue Danes


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