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Our puppies our whelped in our home, individually cared for from start to finish.  New homes are screened carefully

to make sure that the puppy is a good match for your family.  Puppies are sold with Spay/Neuter Agreements, to insure that your new family member is spayed or neutered by the time they are 10-12 months old preferably.  This insures the continued health and safety of your dane.  Ear cropping is optional, at an additional cost, or natural ears are great too! There is a fair amount of upkeep involved in the aftercare of cropped ears, so please make sure you are up for the challenge. 

"We got our Nanababy from Tai and she is the best dog. Tai takes such excellent care of her babies and they are just like babies to her. She kept Nanababy while we moved out of state and we picked her up when we were all settled in. She's the best."

(Ged) and Michelle Mallioris

Avondale, Arizona

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