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Our Studs Are Available For Live Cover and Shipped Semen.  Please Contact Us If You Are Interested In Breeding To One Of Our Wonderful Boys!

Vantage Vom Gigantic Blau

"Jake"  Whelped June 24th 2008
Imported From Budapest, Hungary
Thank You To Reka Fulop @ Gigantic Blau Kennel
For This Wonderful Boy...        
RIP "Jake"   

You Will Forever Be Remembered And Live On Through Your Beautiful Sons and Daughters, Loved By All,

You Were A Big Baby...  Miss You Lots...

"Jake" or "Jakers" was imported at 11 weeks. He definitely has the ultimate Euro build, heavy, stocky, big boned, strong and powerful, with large feet and a long tail.  We chose to keep his big beautiful ears natural.  He is the picture of Strength, Power, and Nobility.  He is also a complete clown.  "Jake" was named after Vantage, a type of Aston Martin.  He is beautiful and sleek, yet smart and powerful.  His only white marking is on his chest, we call it his star.  "Jake" is a potential Stud for us, and will be available for stud around June 2009.  His personality is his best feature, as he is easy going, sensitive, and lovable.  He aims to please and can sometimes be a shy little momma's boy.  We think he will be a wonderful daddy and pass these ausome traits on to his future litters.

His sire was a European International Champion, stood in France.  Both his parents were Black, and he is a favorable blend of both the Stud as well as the Bitch.  He will be a Big Boy, at 6 1/2 months he weighed in at 95.2 lbs.  He just started obedience class, as well as confirmation and is progressing well in both.  We hope to show him, but will see how he matures.  Regardless of how he ends up doing in shows, he is a wonderful and sweetly dispositioned dog.  We are very very happy with how he is turning out.


                      "Vantage Vom Gigantic Blau"

LeanOnMe C'Mon Elias
Available For Stud

Born 4/03/2012

"LEVI" is our newest Import from LeanOnMe Kennel in Telki, Hungary. 

​Thank you to Timea Moore for this wonderful boy.  

T-Bone Tommy Von Wild Blue



"Jake" Vantage Vom Gigantic Blau

"Hayden" Wild Hayden Blue Vom Gigantic Blau

Born 8/2011

We were fortunate enough to keep a male out of our August 2012 litter.  He is a great combination of both "Jake" and "Hayden".  He has a fabulous playful personality, and is athletic and outgoing.  We really look forward to seeing how he matures, but looks to be a lot like his sire.  "Tommy" is available Now for stud to approved bitches. 


“Some pups are sold with breeding rights, though we prefer to sell all of our pups to family, pet, forever homes.  If you are interested in purchasing an older dog, that is already semi-trained, crate trained, house broke, and past some of the puppy phase, please feel free to contact  us and see if one is available."

Tai Sheehan, Wild Blue Danes

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